Hotmail Outlook error message?

For some reason whenever I open my outlook express I get this error: For some reason whenever I open my outlook express I get this error: Task

- Check for new messages in Hotmail - Failed 

But it still checks hotmail messages and I get all the new mail from hotmail like it is working normally.. it just shows this error for no reason. 

It only started when I moved from my DSL in my old apartment to cable here at my new place, but I dont think that should do anything. also my two other accounts i use with outlook work fine. This pop up message is just annoying. Anyone know what is wrong?

Actually, Hotmail can be checked using Outlook Express if you created a Hotmail account before 2000, or 1999. I cannot remember the exact date, but if you have a VERY old account and can access it, you can check it through OE. I have the same problem as the 1st person posting this. 

I can check my email using OE even with the error on the 1st pass. The 2nd pass of checking email shows a check by completed tasks for checking Hotmail account. I have a freshly reinstalled operating system with fresh updates so the only thing I can assume is that with one of the OE updates that were previously done it created this issue. I do not have a premium hotmail account so I do not know if this issue has to do with those accounts also. 

A little more research not to answer the original question, but to lay to rest the OE not able to check Hotmail

From the microsoft web site - MSN Hotmail no longer supports Distributed Authoring and Versioning (DAV) for free user accounts. 

Outlook Express uses the DAV interface to connect to Hotmail. Only paid Hotmail accounts will work correctly with Outlook Express. If you configured Outlook Express or Outlook to access your Hotmail account before DAV support was ended, you may still be able to use Outlook Express to open a free Hotmail account.

However, eventually Hotmail will no longer support DAV for all free Hotmail accounts. Also, I found a few posts that people were stating as of November 2004 that the issue started happening.